Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog Site is Up!

The site is up and running!  Excited about the new book, selling pretty well so far!  It is available on Amazon Books and Kindle right now.  Looks like it will be available on the other e-books by next weekend.

These are a couple of reviews so far:

"I would definitely recommend this book! Its very well written, the details were very descriptive and I felt like I was actually there, or actually looking at what was being described. I had a hard time waiting to get home from work just so I could see what was going to happen still, and finally to finish reading it. I really enjoyed this and am hoping there will there be a sequel or others to follow."

"This story is a great representation of where your dreams can lead you. Sometimes you realize them and you are content, sometimes you go further than merely realizing the dream, sometimes you become and do more than you could ever imagine. In this novel, new author J' Anne Grenier takes us on a journey from the Midwestern U.S. to the oldest city in America, St. Augustine, Florida. This, the first novel for the new writer, has unpredictable twists, unparalleled love, and lifelong consequences in store for the mature but innocent "Charlie" LaRue. The Beach, Florida-Sun, Surfing, Hurricanes, and a summertime fling are only the beginning of the action in store for "Charlie". I would recommend this book to anyone I know, it is well written, and anybody who has loved, known loss, or longing will relate to this story. It's a great book and I cannot wait until the second book in the series (apparently, since there is a "(Vol 1)" there will be more!!!)."

I would love more reviews!  Check out the book (click on the cover in the blog) to get a look inside!

Thanks for all your support...

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